Behind the Scenes of JSA

Behind the scenes of food blogging on Je suis alimentageuse

Today’s post is something a little out of the ordinary: I’m sharing what’s behind the scenes of my picture perfect food. Because let’s be real, if you knew me in person at all, you’d know that I’m a ball of chaos. I’m messy, but yet OCD about certain things. For example, my cell phone is always in my left pocket (please don’t pick-pocket me), whenever I leave my house, I check for my cell phone, keys, wallet… or I alternate the weight I put on my feet when I go up stairs or down stairs because otherwise I feel lopsided all day.

I’m clean freak, but I’m a messy clean freak. If that makes any sense. I’m intense about germs, but I have a fairly cluttered desk. I didn’t think to take a photo of it to share with you guys… which is probably for the best anyway.

Excuse my erratic writing today, I’m exhausted and I worked 11 hours today so bear with me. I’ll try to be back to normal on Monday. Anyway, here’s a shot of what is my usual photography setup if I’m shooting in direct sunlight. I use that light reflector as a light diffuser in the window and I use white foam core to reflect soft light on the baked apple chips I did last week. My iconic hardwood table (Kijiji for $50!) is pulled out from the wall about 3 feet to get the light from the window and is topped with a myriad of burns, scuff marks, and dings because I’m an idiot.

Behind the scenes of food blogging on Je suis alimentageuse

So usually you see the “pretty” side of the table. What I never show you is the clustercluck that’s on the other side of what is usually my reflector (normally I shoot in indirect light, so that diffuser is usually covered in a shiny material depicted in the 3rd picture, and replaces the white foam core).

It’s usually food props I’m not in love with for the shot, random ingredients, garnishes, spoons, etc. There you can see my very sophisticated reflector stand (yes, that’s an empty plastic container). A spill of hemp seeds from earlier that day, a zen garden, an orange, a plate with an apple core, a camera lens, my iPhone, a powdered sugar shaker, the mandoline knuckle protector thing from slicing the apples.

Basically the other side of the reflector is crazy. Sometimes I’m afraid my roommate absolutely hates me, and I’m dreading the day my new roommate moves in and regrets moving in with me. (I WILL FEED YOU ALL THE FOOD DENISE, FORGIVE ME IN ADVANCE).

Behind the scenes of food blogging on Je suis alimentageuse

Next is something that all of my neat-freak friends just try not to look at whenever they’re at my house. That my friends, is the makeshift “pantry” that I have in my apartment because not only do I have too many things in my cupboard in the kitchen, but I have so many random cake decorating gadgets and bulk ingredients that they’ve overflowed from the kitchen into our living room. The top two shelves of that wee thing is Clara’s the bottom and everything to the right and all around the bottom is mine. Actually I took this photo last week, but I’ve since organized it to make it a little bit nicer by hiding my chaos in pretty coloured IKEA boxes haha.

Guys I discovered the secret to organization.


It’s genius.

But that’s my reflector material right there. It’s a reversible and double sided thing, so on one side it’s black, the other gold, that side is silver, and another is white. It’s the best $75 I’ve ever spent.
Behind the scenes of food blogging on Je suis alimentageuse

Next we have a little peek into my kitchen, where I normally have a bajillion dishes (again, I’m so sorry Clara <3). It’s not that I never do dishes, it’s that I accumulate so many dishes that even when I do them 2x a day, I still have a sink full of dishes. Plus, what completely inept n00b engineered that sink? Who puts half a foot of counter space on either side of a sink? Why not 1 foot on one side? Has this person never had to wash dishes before?! It took me 6 months to find a dishrack that even fit the tiny counter edge. And that one doesn’t have a drainer for the water… I have to alternate dishcloths underneath to absorb the water.


I’m dreaming of the day I have an actual kitchen, with cupboards that actually close, with a walk-in pantry (who needs a walk-in closet, give me a walk-in pantry), and counter space.

Behind the scenes of food blogging on Je suis alimentageuse

And that’s about all there is behind the scenes for JSA. Is there other stuff you want to see? My photography routine, editing/programs… whatever? Today a bunch of other of my fellow blog friends shared their behind the scenes, so check them out below =)

JSA will return to it’s regular programming probably Monday, but possibly Thursday because I have a presentation on Monday.



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    Wow, girl! You are doing really well with the little space that you have! But I feel your pain- when I first started blogging, my husband and I lived in a tiny 1 bedroom efficiency. What I dubbed the shoebox. Our living room and kitchen were all smooshed together & counter space was non–existent. I literally had to unplug and move my microwave every time I needed counter space to roll out dough or something.
    Fortunately for me, I wasn’t hard core into the food blogging yet… but man, it was rough.
    Loved getting this behind the scenes look at your life as food blogger. ;)
    Carrie @Frugal Foodie Mama recently posted…The Real Blogger Project {A Behind The Scenes Look at Frugal Foodie Mama}My Profile

    • says

      That’s so intense! I didn’t show the other side of the kitchen (my kitchen’s like a little hall) but I have about double the counter space you see there (if you take away the sink). But I have a lot of it covered with a microwave, mixer and food processor haha. I mostly go to the living room table to do the food prep though.
      Lisa Le recently posted…Behind the Scenes of JSAMy Profile

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    OMG, I have no idea how you pull off such awesome food and photos!! I will stop complaining about my measly two feet on either side of the sink, you have it much worse than I do. ;) I am really enjoying these behind the scenes look into other blogger’s setups, it’s such an awesome idea!!
    Lisa @ Cooking with Curls recently posted…Best of the Weekend {44}My Profile

    • says

      Haha believe it or not, this is the biggest space I’ve ever worked in. My old apartment (the one I lived in when I first started blogging) was 1/4 of the size my apartment is now.

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