Vegan Chocolate Smoothie

Vegan Chocolate Smoothie

So basically this smoothie was to get rid of some leftover coconut milk and overripe bananas. Oh and to find an excuse to use these awesome paper straws! They’re super pretty but they kind of soak up the liquid a little at the top so the straw gets soggy in about 5 minutes. Luckily for me, this smoothie was so delicious it barely lasted 5 minutes so the straw wasn’t that hard to deal with. Now I know coconut milk is pretty high in fat, but I justified using it by treating my body to some fibre and vegan goodness! This smoothie would be great for the mornings, or even after dinner as a dessert, kind of like a milkshake. (Again, my past few posts have seemed sort of breakfast-themed)

This week has been a very busy week so far, and is only Tuesday! Yikes. I spent probably about 6 hours yesterday going through a bunch of my old photos, editing them (because I guess I learned a lot more about photograhy since those photos) and then adding my stamp. I probably reuploaded abou 60 pictures, so stay tuned for watermarked and slightly better photos! And as you probably already know, printable recipes with my new recipe widget.

Also, this Saturday is the Vegan Bake-Off! I’m so excited to bake my vegan lemon donuts, because I was testing out different recipes, and I have deemed that my vegan donuts are much tastier than their non-vegan counterparts. Tickets are only on sale for a few more days, so if you live in Toronto, you want to have 2 hours of fun on Feb 2 at Spadina and Bloor, and you want to eat delicious desserts for $8 total, cooooome to the Vegan Bake-Off!

Lemon Ricotta Donuts

Here’s a little sneak-peek at the non-vegan donuts. I promise you the vegan ones are much prettier and way more delicious!

I hope to see you there!

***If you want this to be gluten-free, make sure you buy oats that explicitly indicate that they are gluten-free because oat sometimes can be cross-contaminated with other grains containing gluten.

Vegan Chocolate Smoothie

Vegan Chocolate Smoothie
Serves: 1 smoothie
Kick start your morning with some fibre and deliciousness! You can easily sub the coconut milk with some other type of milk-substitute. I feel like vanilla almond or soy milk would be deliiiiish!150 mL coconut milk
  • ¼ cup rolled oats
  • 1 heaping tsp ground flax seed
  • 1 heaping tsp cocoa powder
  • 1 overripe banana
  • 1 tbsp agave nectar
  • 6 ice cubes (unless you use a frozen banana)
  • Optional: Add almonds or almond butter for extra protein. This smoothie will keep you full for a while!
  1. Blend all ingredients together until the ice cubes have been all blended up and you no longer see large bits of oatmeal.
  2. Drink immediately. Delicious!


    • admin says

      Thank you! I hope you like it! You can also substitute the coconut milk with regular milk and add greek yogurt for extra protein and to thicken up the shake a bit =)

  1. jamie says

    Great smoothie! I didn’t have any bananas on hand, so I substituted a small Hass avocado, and also threw in a cucumber that was on my counter and looked like it needed to be used soon. I used almond milk, and added the last bit of brown rice syrup I had on hand, since I was out of agave nectar, and when the result wasn’t sweet enough, I added a little maple syrup. (I guess I more or less treated your recipe as a base for using up a lot of odds and ends that were on hand, but the result was good!) My straw wasn’t as cute as yours, but was a “bendie” so it was fun.

    • says

      Hahha that sounds like an interesting smoothie. I made a cucumber and avocado gazpacho once on the blog and I don’t think I’m a fan of avocado and cucumber pureed together. They both have such distinct textures it was weird to taste them without having the texture. But yeah! I definitely encourage substituting ingredients you have on hand, because that means you don’t have to spend extra money or make a trip to the grocery store ;) Glad you enjoyed your smoothie!


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